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While traveling the path to recognize the Buddha within, we face what seem to be the trial periods or boundaries of our human existence. We don't shy away from these occurrences – rather meeting them with a sense of wisdom, maturity and compassion. Life in Thailand has advantages in facing these arisings – to make them more manageable and less cumbersome – therefore with less suffering.

Thailand is a wonderful place to raise a child. Phuket has all the amenities of the west: excellent health care, modern schools, great shopping, and exciting, educational, life-enriching activities for the family. Living with the Thai people is a special treat – they are warm, compassionate, funny and caring - Thailand is very safe for foreign children. If you have a young child, child care is available for a small fraction of the cost in America – perhaps $10 to $15 a day. Plus, living abroad can give your child a head-start with his/her peer group in emotional stability and lend in developing a sense of broader horizons & worldliness. Work is available to foreigners in several different fields: teaching, hospitality management, business development and real estate. Salaries are attractive, relative to the cost of living. Maintaining a family life while raising children and working is easier with the slower pace of life and respect for family evident here.
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Old Age
You can't stop working by working. Maybe you have had enough. Maybe you want to call it quits. Maybe you'd love to spend your remaining years in a quiet, peaceful place surrounded by like-minded friends, spending time studying, contemplating and meditating on the teachings of the Buddha. Trade your snow boots for sandals and enjoy a healthy bit of beach time, some relaxing yoga and delicious, fresh food. Take some time to look within and make peace with your life, yourself and your loved ones. In Thailand, you'll find your retirement funds are young again - much more robust - as the cost of living is about 1/3 of that in the States. Social Security or a pension might mean meager living in America, but even a small monthly check (less than $1000) can enable you to live life of easy, comfortable simplicity in Phuket. If you want to give back, there are ample opportunities to help kids, the unfortunate or disadvantaged and even foreigners having trouble. If golf is your thing, there are eight courses here. If you like boats, there are two marinas, a pier and lots of long-tails for short jaunts. Walks on the beach? Phuket has about a dozen to choose from... Have you ever had a fresh banana – one that you picked from the tree? We have arranged a long-term lease on your behalf, in a brand-new property near the meditation center, and only minutes from the beaches and world-class shopping. The initial lease could be for three years and is extendable. It is also possible to purchase property if that is your wish. Do you really want another winter?
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While we wish to avoid it, sickness is inevitable as our bodies age. Phuket has remarkable, high quality, top-notch health & dental care. Doctors make house calls here - even the veterinarians. Most medicine is available over the counter – without a prescription. So if you have a rash or could use some antibiotics, there is no need to stop off at the doctor's office for a consultation when all you need is a scrip. Go directly to the pharmacist, who will speak very good English, and ask him/her for a recommendation. Pharmaceuticals are extremely affordable - about 1/5 the cost of those in the States. Recently, we had a guest who visited the hospital and had a potential skin cancer treated. The guest went to the hospital, saw a doctor, had tests run, and a minor outpatient procedure. She remembered the experience from that point: “Everything was lovely – first rate all the way. The doctor was thorough and professional. I felt well taken care of. So, I went to the cashier to pay. She said “six thousand, please.” My heart missed a beat, as I thought she was giving the price in dollars. Then I realized she meant Baht. Six thousand baht. That is about $180. I can't PARK at a hospital in the States for $180. I was delighted and will be back.” So, if your current health care plan is “don't get sick,” and things happen, drop us a line and we will help you come here for treatment.
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The staff of Meditation Center has experience in end-of-life care. We have given teaching retreats on death & dying, held the hands of friends and loved ones as they passed from this world, and volunteered at hospice organizations in the USA. We contemplate our own death each day, as part of our practice. We do this so as to come to terms with what is usually regarded as an unpleasant and surprising event. The time of death is uncertain. That death comes to us all is not. To avoid these truths is lunacy. What the end-of-life experience will be for you depends on your preparedness, acceptance and those who help you with the transition. You are invited to join our staff of former monks and nuns, who will be there for you as this life ends. Your family and any visitors you would wish to see are more than welcome. We can assist them with the sense of loss and their grief, as well. Recognize the preciousness of the life you have, live it to the fullest and die with a clear conscience. It is never too late to begin to make a positive change and if you know your end is near, accept the help, wisdom and compassion that we can offer. Please to discuss how we may be of assistance.

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